Hey puppy owners...

let's talk about how you can help your puppy socialisation get off to the best start. Done correctly it HELPS them become the super happy, confident & totally friendly superstar you've always wanted.


The benefits of correctly socialising your puppy are ENDLESS & last a LIFETIME.

✔️ Boost confidence so they can handle real life as they get older.

✔️ Teaching them the art of interaction without all of the jumping, wrestling or wiggling!

✔️ Give you a chance to know exactly how to nurture YOUR puppy so they can be by your side always.

✔️ Automatically boost recall, listening skills & excitement around other people & puppies.

It's not a free for all wrestling session as that's not the stuff you want to encourage along term anyway.

It IS a chance to build their confidence, meet other puppies calmly and build automatic focus on YOU always.

Who is this PERFECT for?

Our Fab Puppy Club is for you if you have a puppy aged between 12 weeks & 18 months of age who's had all of their vaccinations and boosters.

**Please note: these are not suitable for a dog that shows uncertainty around others, barks, lunges, pulls or is fixated on other dogs. Please reach out if you feel this is your dog.**

These are short 30 minute, informal sessions where we'll focus on socialising, interaction & boosting confidence for all puppies to make sure you know how to guide your puppy when they meet people and dogs.

You'll go away with skills that I as a dog trainer, teach everyday to all owners.

We have no more

socials sessions

for summer 2021.

Check back here soon!