Well socialised, happy & friendly

puppies are our thing.

For puppies up to 5 months old at the first session.

Have an older dog? Find our course HERE.

What's included?

5 x 45 minute group classes at our field in Bilton, Rugby to work on recall, lead walking, dropping stuff, not jumping up & lots more. Maximum of 4 puppies with one person attending.

Attention boosting games to play at home right now & TONS of bonuses (of the things I KNOW you need) all in your online training library. Stuff like socialising, not being a human chew toy, toilet training plus a lot more.

Worried you'll forget everything? We send you weekly recaps of what & how we did everything as well as next steps (to boost it). We even tell you the top things to focus on (if you haven't got much time).

A FAB certificate, rosette & treat pack as well as lifetime access to our Facebook Group, because everyone is better when they are supported.

Your online training library features (you get this straight away):

  • The Nuts 'n' Bolts of Training with the 3 easy steps to train ANYTHING.
  • ATTENTION grabbing games to play at home RIGHT NOW.
  • Toilet training made easy.
  • How to socialise correctly to HELP your puppy.
  • Puppy play & what to avoid (so you don't create a energy ball).
  • Dealing with jumping up.
  • Chew & biting so you're not a human chew toy!
  • Drop stuff...what is it with socks?!
  • More added all of the time.

You have access BEFORE your first class.

What you'll learn in our classes:

  • How to nail lead walking & not be dragged!
  • Rocking a solid recall (even with distractions around).
  • How to teach your puppy to settle & be ok alone.
  • How to help your puppy be calm around other dogs, people & places (perfect for as we ease out of lockdown).
  • Avoiding jumping up.
  • How you can change being a human chew toy.
  • how to teach them to drop stuff, what is it with socks?!
  • How to socialise so it HELPS you forever.
  • And lots more...

We make this stuff easy & simple.

We know what it's like to Google stuff & THOUSANDS of conflicting stuff comes up. It's totally confusing & leaves you more stressed out than before.

That's why our classes are so different.

You can begin teaching attention to your dog straight away at home & get TONS done BEFORE you even come to your first class.

Our classes then give you the practical skills, practise & tricks to make it simple.

A puppy Cockpoo with a red rosette.

Currently full.

Spaces may become available,

keep checking here or our

Facebook Group for the spots.

£145 per dog.


Training field: Lime Tree Avenue, Bilton, Rugby Cv22 7QT.

What's included?

5 x 45 minute training classes.

Training library featuring your attention grabbing games, problem solving & bonuses.

Weekly recaps with the top things to focus on (if you don't have much time).

Certificate, rosette, treat pack & TONS of support.

Covid-19 Restrictions

Currently the rule of 6 means we can only have 4 dogs per class & only one person to attend per dog.

Social distancing in place throughout.