Smart Dog Program πŸ’œ

Teach, nurture and boost your furry one, for instant focus and a happy dog.

Did you know that a dog is most likely to be re-homed between the ages of 6 and 12 months old?

This age range sees adolescence take hold and this can impact on your dog and their behaviour quite drastically, even for months afterwards. I've worked with so many dogs through this so I know exactly what you need to boost, nurture and empower your dog (and yourself).

BONUS **It's all here in one place***

This course is perfect for you if:

🚩 You have ALREADY done some fab puppy learning or you feel your dog missed out because of lockdown limitations and you're looking to top up your skills.

🚩You're looking for real help in real life with recall, lead walking, being calm, jumping up and LOTS more!.

🚩 Your dog seems to be bouncing off the walls, even after a walk.

🚩 You would like a super strong relationship with your dog, because you're best buds.

🚩 You like things when they're SIMPLE, EASY to follow and make training your dog FUN!

What's included?

We've got TONS of vital stuff for you in this program and if your dog is aged over 5 months...it's for you. Here's exactly what's inside our Smart Dog Program πŸ’œ all accessed via our online training academy.

Train like a PRO Template - build strong foundation skills that last for the long term and transform your dog. My super easy to follow full training videos take you through it step by step.

Rock Solid Recall Training Plans - 4 weeks of detailed, structured recall plans to start at home from day 1. For any age or ability...this will make your recalls from the very beginning ROCK SOLID.

My Ultimate Games for AUTOMATIC Focus - turn their ears on so they're LASER focused on you all of the time with fun games.

ADDED BONUS: with my 20 minute focus walk breakdown included. A fully guided step by step guide for building focus and making lead walks CALM.

My problem solving master classes - barking, ears turned off mode, recall, lead walking, drop stuff, biting & chewing and LOTS more. You have over 2 hours of dedicated problem solving breakdowns with fully detailed ways of turning it around.

PRO Training sessions with me at our field in Bilton. So we can problem solve, boost your handling skills and make sure everything is working, you choose how many you would like. You've also got direct 1:1 priority access to me throughout for anything that pops up.

Also with a cheeky little extra...

Tricksters Assemble! Teach your dog Paws Up and Sit Pretty FAST with our fabulously detailed training videos in our online academy that will take you through it step by step so you'll have those tricks ready for the next Zoom party.


What to do now?

Choose where you would start first! Recall training plans? Problem solve that jumping up? It's up to you and whatever is your priority. Wherever you decide...you have instant access to your Smart Dog Program πŸ’œ

You've got that at your fingertips and you can start straight away!

Select your number of training sessions -

Full & Instant Smart Dog Program πŸ’œ access, full 1:1 access to me 24/7 PLUS 2 x 1 hour sessions (to be taken within 4 weeks) - Β£225

Full & Instant Smart Dog Program πŸ’œ access, full 1:1 access to me 24/7 PLUS 4 x 1 hour sessions (to be taken within 6 weeks) - Β£380

Sessions are 1 hour and held at our training field in Bilton and the whole family are welcome to attend training. Social distancing ensured throughout and we are a Covid safe business. These are usually available on Monday or Tuesday afternoons/ early evenings, these are arranged before payment so you know you can make it.

Decide when you're free and the whole family can attend your PRO training sessions. You can choose your preferred day and time on the sign up form.

Have a question? Pop it over to me at [email protected]

People are talking about me...

Eleanor...Anna is fantastic! I would totally recommend her to anyone wanting help and guidance for training their doggies. Myself and Chester (pup) have enjoyed two life skills courses that I feel have given Chester a great start to his training. You see results very quickly following Anna's methods of encouraging good behaviour. She is also amazingly friendly and approachable and has answers, ideas and solutions galore for all your puppy niggles and problems. We loved our time with her - thank you so much Anna x

Samantha...This has been very helpful trying to fit in the learning around work, family and a new puppy.

Natasha...I've enjoyed the videos and learnt alot from them too.

We are super lucky enough to have a 5* rating, have a peak to see how people feel when working with us on our Facebook page.

What our VIP Academy Access looks like.

Your Instructor

Anna Hope
Anna Hope
  • Dog Coach, Behaviour Practitioner and founder of Anna Hope Dog Coach.
  • Full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers
  • Affiliate Trainer with EpicDog Training Academy Ltd
  • Student Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Dog Behaviour Accredited Practitioner
  • Over 6 years experience in Dog Training and Behaviour

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You access to your VIP Academy is FOR LIFE. Access to our VIP Members group, Live Calls and Private 1:1's are all confirmed at the sign up stage and are only available for the agreed time and whilst you are on the program.
What do I have to do to get started?
Shoot me a message to get started straight away! [email protected]